Waterfall Audio - Glass Speakers - Victoria Evo (per paar)

Waterfall Audio - Glass Speakers - Victoria Evo (per paar)


Waterfall Audio


The absolute «Must have», Victoria Evo is definitely the most famous of our floor standing speaker, regrouping most of our winning attributes. Elegant and pure design lines, for a rare powerful and detailed sound reproduction.

Victoria Evo requires over 8 hours of hand assembly in our factory in the South of France, to deliver such a gem of the “French tech”. An Intense listening pleasure with this unique piece.

Atohm Absolute Series drivers are teamed up with the silk dome tweeter for perfect sound fusion and harmony. These exceptional components together with our patented Acoustic damping tube technology provide a rare level of emotions, nuances and impact when listening to our speakers.

Each of our components, each material has its legitimate place in our « Collections »in order to reach our rigorous « architecture » and elegant design standards.

The use of high density glass and our multiple innovating technologies developed for our speakers have created a small revolution in the audiophile universe. From the first few minutes of a listening session, the use of aluminium and glass becomes an obvious good choice as they both inert and dense materials.

Transparency and acoustic purity, visually transposes Victoria Evo. The integration is in osmosis with your interior and gives it that extra touch. Let your Living room be transformed into a Concert Hall.