Barco - Medea - 4K laser projector - inclusief standaardlens - ISF gekalibreerd


  Just as the mythical Medea flew in a golden chariot driven by dragons, our Medea will bring fantasy to life. Media Room Series 4K UHD Resolution (3,840 x 2,160) Laser...

Barco - Bragi - Cinemascoop - 4K laser projector - Inclusief Cinemascooplens - ISF gekalibreerd


Bragi Cinemascope is taking its name from an historical ninth-century poet. His poems were so outstandingly artful and moving that subsequent generations imagined that, upon his death, Odin had appointed...

Barco - Balder - 4K laser projector - Inclusief lens - ISF gekalibreerd


 Manufactured to perfection in Belgium, Balder features the finest components such as aluminum and glass. Balder not only shares the same Ultra HD and HDR compatible electronics with the higher-end...